Independent Financial Advice

Your Personal Adviser

A high level of trust and understanding between you and your adviser is central to our ability to provide you with the best possible service. For that reason we aim to ensure that you always speak to the same adviser, not only at each consultation, but also whenever you contact us to discuss any aspect of your financial affairs.

Tailored Service

Initially we will carry out a full assessment of your situation, your wishes and aims, and any other factors relevant to your financial position. We then compare the performance, features, value and costs of all the products on the market, and identify which are likely to be the best performers and the most suitable for you.

Regular Reviews

To ensure that you are making the most of your money we carry out a full review on a regular basis. The minimum recommended interval is once a year, but for clients who prefer their investments to be reviewed more often, we are happy to establish a more frequent schedule. Whatever the agreed intervals, we will contact you when a review is due, or whenever economic or other circumstances suggest a review would be advisable, leaving you free to get on with more interesting matters!

  • What we offer: Wealth Management, Pensions, Investments, Trusts, Care, Inheritance, School fees and more.